Welcome to Noli (Liguria-IT)

AnteMARE is the starting point for a regenerating holiday, a sort of genesis of the Gods which was described by Ovidio. AnteMARE is the first verse of the “Metamorphoses” and in Latin means BEFORE THE SEA. AnteMARE is a newborn Bed & Breakfast. It is located in front of a wonderful landscape, in a place from which to enjoy the scent of the sea woods and the colors of unforgettable sunrises. Sportsmen, romantics, families or groups of friends, we are waiting for you soon.
If you want to go to the beach, Spotorno is 3.5 Km, Noli 6 Km and Varigotti 10 Km. The way (AURELIA) is very impressive in the piece from Noli to Varigotti. Look here. Don’t miss the shows in Finale Ligure and a jump to the two beautiful villages of Finalborgo and Noli. Here a list of scheduled events. If you like sports, the Manie plateau is far 5 km, wonderful for mountain bike lovers. Look how many paths! Do you like to fly? From the nearby Mount Mao you can go down by hang-gliding or paragliding. For those who love diving, Noli and Bergeggi divings has fun! Not to mention the sailing courses of the local nautical clubs!
AnteMARE is also very close to the port of Vado Ligure, from which ferries depart for Sardinia and Corsica. Why not take advantage of it? Extend your holidays and spend a few days at AnteMARE! And then .. how much to live!